Rahul Steel India

Dairy Micro Valve

We are a preeminent Supplier of Dairy Micro Valve from Chhattisgarh, India. Our Micro Valve is highly preferred for various industrial applications for regulating the flow accurately. We have developed a strong logistic system to ensure customers receive their order of quality assured Dairy Micro Valve within the allocated time.

Highlights :

  • Micro Valves are Manual Operated valves to regulate the flow anywhere from full open to fully closed
  • These are designed specifically to accurately control the process
  • Improved sealing devices and highly accurate machining of the stem have provided tight shutoff as well as characterizable control
  • The design of the regulating element, which allows the stem to turn into the flow without any significant side loads


Which are available with the following features and advantages :

  • Flow is instantly redirected and so there is no leakage
  • Unique over-center snap action provides quick response
  • No lubrication require
  • Suitable for vacuum service

In addition to this, our range is used in the following :

  • Pressure switches
  • Level controls
  • Air switch to operate pneumatic tools and pumps
  • Pilot operation of main valves
  • Many other similar applications